Blockout Goop for blocking light from windows and all types glass

Blockout Goop is an innovative and easy way to Blockout windows and glass and is a great alternative to black out blinds, shades, panels or curtains. With an easy paint on and peel off application Blockout Goop is the best way to block light and UV from entering a room or through multiple windows or glass panels.

Total Darkness

Blockout Goop offers total darkness for any glass or panels that it is rolled onto. Our unique formula means that any area that you don’t want light into is easily contained with Blockout Goop. It can be used for a range of different applications ranging from construction and building, through to blocking out windows during fit out or store refurbs right through to getting a great night's sleep in your bedroom by making it extra dark.

Fits any shape or size

The great thing about a paint on peel off Blockout window solution is that it will fit any shape or size, be it round, rectangular, angular or square. If you have windows that need to be covered but are struggling to find black out blinds, curtains or panels to cover them, Blockout Goop is the perfect solution for you.

Cost Effective

Let’s face it, Blockout curtains can be an expensive options, particularly when you might want a temporary solutions (building sites, shop fitouts, etc) so Blockout Goop is a cost effective and innovative solution to reducing prying eyes into a room or light through windows and glass.

Reduces Heat and cuts UV

Blockout Goop has been specifically designed to cut out light (natural and artificial) and reduce UV rays from the sun and heat. This means that any application of Blockout Goop will not fade, peel or crack.

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