Peelable spray booth coating that rolls on and peels off

Spraybooths by their very nature are bound to get build up on them. This is incredibly tough to clean or scrape off the panels of your booth and it also takes time away from your core business. BoothGoop is an inventive way to keep your spray booths clean without the hassle of scrapers, cleaners or chemicals. Simply paint BoothGoop on your booth with supplied roller nap and after about 3-6 months (depending on how tough you are on the peelable coating) you simply peel the Goop off and reapply to the booth. A 1 x 20kg bucket of BoothGoop is enough to cover 2-3 booths depending on how thick you apply it. BoothGoop is a water-based peelable coating specifically designed for use in spray booths.

Application to SprayBooths

When applied to floors it is recommended that two coats be applied to allow for foot traffic but it can also be applied in one thick coat if required due to its ability to self thicken. Able to withstand heat, water & thinners BoothGoop is ideal for low & high-bake booths and is also used extensively in mixing rooms for benchtops & floors as it is resistant to thinners. BoothGoop may be disposed of in general waste.

Easy Application

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Hi Shane ,

Just a shout out for the spraybooth protection we are using its made a massive difference protecting the wall of our spray booth walls in combating dust and lint to our paint refinishing, We are always looking to be active in maintaining our quality and maintenance and your product goop is a step in the right direction.

Adam Garland


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