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After recently been made redundant I was looking to purchase a small business. A business that would keep me active, close to home and pay the bills.

Scrolling through “Businesses for Sale” on the internet I kept seeing this ad for GOOP GUYS – Brisbane South franchise for sale. I recognised the brand as it was on the windows of my house currently being built. I really didn’t understand what the product was at the time, so I continued to scan over many business P&L’s with the intention to purchase something.  One day I was talking with my builder and asked him “What’s this GOOP protection on the windows” he explained how he was hooked on the product and its application and how it’s saved him many thousands in scratch prevention. His enthusiasm was enough for me to make the call to the broker and look at the GOOP business in more detail.

Compared to other small businesses selling from $30k to $200k the conditions within this franchise and the potential returns seemed very good. The construction industry is in good shape, the work is all within 25km radius of my home, easy application and the potential to grow.

Today, 3 months in it was a good purchase and I’m very pleased to be part of not only the GOOP GUYS team but being a part of the customer’s team also.


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My Time As A Goop Guys Franchise Owner


Goop Man 02

I discovered Goop Guys in 2010 and was fascinated by the product and how easy it was to apply, with further research I found that not only was it easy to apply but it really worked.

Being involved in Glass and Aluminium Industry for a very long time, I was looking for something different and could see the benefits that Goop Guys offered to the Building Industry.

My Wife and I bought the North Melbourne franchise in 2011 and headed off to protect as many windows as we could. Being from Queensland, moving to Melbourne was a challenge, but we were able to manage the different weather and started to build a business. Unfortunately due to Family Health we were only in Melbourne for 12 months, but didn’t have any problems on selling a good business.

Moving back to Queensland to look after elderly parents, I found work in the Glass Industry again, until the Toowoomba Franchise of Goop Guys was available, so my wife and I bought this franchise in 2015.

Moving to Toowoomba was very similar to Melbourne (weather ) but a lot closer to Family.

We have owned Goop Guys Toowoomba for about 2 years now. Trying to convince the Builders in Toowoomba of the benefits of Goop Products has been a challenge, but I believe in the product and have faith that the Smart Builders will too.


Protecting Low Emissivity Glass with WindowGoop

low e glass

Low E glass or low emissivity glass is an amazing product for keeping out heat and UV light – it can be incredibly expensive to install and therefore expensive to replace should it be scratched or damaged on the jobsite.

With a low e glass installed in a home or office the amount of heat that is conducted through the glass can be reduced by around 30% which will considerably reduce heat in buildings and can improve thermal efficiency by cutting glare.

Low e glass can also reduce damage to furnishings and items in a home or office by reducing the UV light that filters through the glass.


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Blockout Goop – a roll on peel off blackout film for windows and glass doors

sunlight window

What is a blackout film?

A blackout film is something that covers glass and windows so that it either blocks out light, UV rays, heat or a view (and sometimes all of these). There are different types of blackout films available on the market from a cling film type product that sticks to glass and windows, plastic sheets that need adhesives and our revolutionary Blockout Goop product that rolls on like a paint and peels off like a plastic. 

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Protect Benchtops during construction or renovations

kitchen renovation benchtop

If you’re in the process of upgrading or renovating your kitchen there’s a good chance you’re going to be allocating a chunk of your budget to some nice new benchtops. This is great and everyone loves a new kitchen, but have you considered how you’re going to protect those nice new benchtops throughout the construction or renovation process?

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How to protect your floors during renovations

floor protection
If you‘ve ever renovated a home or worked in construction you know how easily accidents can happen. Hopefully no one gets hurt in these accidents but sometimes even small things like dropping tools, spilling paint or using the wrong tape can leave marks, residue, dents, dings and scratches in flooring, walls, benches and windows.

Accidents like these can set your project back not only on budget but also on time whilst you get things fixed. We’ve had many customers with hardwood floors find out the hard way that scratches and marks in the floor can be a lengthy and expensive process to fix.


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Why it's difficult for us to give pricing on WindowGoop

We get lots of people asking us “How much does WindowGoop cost?” or “What’s the price for WindowGoop?” and the answer to this question, unfortunately, is a bit of a how-long-is-a-piece-of-string answer.

The difficulty we face in pricing up a job for WindowGoop is that there are so many variations to a job. For example, here’s some of the standard variations we see all the time when quoting on a WindowGoop job:-


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WindowGoop – a Paint Protection Film for Windows

window film protection

WindowGoop is a revolutionary product that protects your windows from all sorts of construction elements like paint, plaster, concrete splatter and render. Imagine at the end of a reno or construction job being able to easily peel off a protective layer from your windows and have them sparkling clean?

Here’s a couple of reasons you may want to consider using Goop on your Windows for your next renovation or construction job:-

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How to protect floors during construction – FloorGoop

Builders and workers in the construction industry love FloorGoop for one very simple reason – it does exactly what it’s supposed to do.... Protects Your Floors!!

FloorGoop is a paint on peel off protective coating for floors during construction. When there’s paint, concrete, grout and plaster being flicked, brushed and carried around the worksite, it’s inevitable that some of these materials will make their way onto the floor.

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Goop Guys - proud supporters of Vintage Calendar Girls

Goop Guys have been proud supporters of Vintage Calendar Girls for the past two years. Please support them by attending this fantastic event.

Founded in February 2015 by Sunshine coast local stylist Misty Bland. Vintage Calender girls is a group of beautiful Women stepping out of their comfort zone to pose for a unique "Vintage Style" Calender to raise awareness and much needed funds for Rare Cancers of Australia Chordoma Patients.

The Vintage Calendar Girls present their limited edition 2017 Great Gatsby calendar and invite you to join the celebration at their Gala Launch. Proudly supported by our guest of honour, Barry Hall and front cover model as a suave 1920's gangster.

When: Saturday, October 22 at 6 PM - 10 PM

Where: Old Petrie Town

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Goop Guys - the perfect franchise opportunity for couples.

If you’ve ever dreamed of working with your husband, wife, partner or significant other now is the best time to start. We’re not going to deny there’s a lot of hard work, commitment and negotiations involved, but the rewards can be second to none.

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How to easily protect a spray booth with BoothGoop

If you own a business that runs a spray booth you know that inside can get very messy very quickly. A spray paint booth protection film enables you to utilise your booth for longer and will protect your booth and keep it like new!

We’ve dealt with clients who use their spray booths for a range of different applications and have helped many businesses throughout Australia with our spray booth protective film BoothGoop.

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How to protect a bathtub during construction and renovations

When you’re building or renovating there are so many lessons that are learnt the hard way. I remember when I was younger, just getting into the building trade I made my fair share of mistakes and some of the more experienced builders were always there to show me a better way of doing something.

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Fire Your Boss - Choose a Lifestyle Franchise

Choosing a Lifestyle Franchise can be tricky – let us make it simple for you. As a family based business we have a sound understanding of the importance of relationships, time with the kids and the ability to grow your business as you see fit. 

We have franchisees all over Australia that work their own hours, are their own bosses and get to spend time with their family. We give them the support and framework needed to move forward with their work in a structured and confident way. That’s what a Goop Guys franchise is all about – freedom and support.

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Why more and more building companies are using Goop

If you’re a builder, work for a construction company or run a building business you know that building sites get messy. We know that, you know that and most builders realise that a bombsite looking construction site (in the client's eyes) can turn into a spectacular, immaculate and clean land and home months later. Whilst this is the case, there are some elements of a building site that may be causing you to lose money, time and manpower on every job you complete. Think about these questions for a moment -  

  • How much time do your tradies spend cleaning up windows, benchtops and bathtubs after a job?
  • How much is the cost of repair on a scratched or damaged window, benchtop or bathtub?
  • What’s the cost to your company of pulling out and replacing a badly damaged bathtub?

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Housing the Homeless

Important news to share! Goop Guys is proud to be a supporter of a locally founded and run non-for-profit charity called Housing the Homeless! Housing the Homeless has been envisioned by Sunshine Coast local Matthew Scott. He hopes to build pallet houses used from donated materials to ensure that our homeless have the availability of a safe place to sleep.

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Top nine reasons why a peelable coating (Goop) is a great idea

You may have read a little about peelable coatings before (we like to call it Goop :-) but did you know why it’s so awesome? Well, there’s loads of ways it can be used and we have a huge range of customers that love using Goop for all sorts of different jobs. With that in mind, here are our top ten reasons why Goop is such a great thing!

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Franchisee Profile - Meet Mick and Steph



Why I joined Goop Guys?:-
After years of working for someone else in the building industry, I wanted to use my experience and contacts and work for myself.  Goop Guys was a well known brand that I was confident with.

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Fiji Promotion

Over the last 3 months Goop Guys have been holding a promotion for anyone that booked a job through the "Book a Job" tab on the website, we had a really good response to this promotion which the winner received a trip for 2 to Fiji!

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Temporary peelable coatings for Construction

Here at Goop Guys we have developed a range of different Goop lines specifically for the construction industry. We have been working with Australian builders and building companies to extend our range of goop to make sure that you save time and money on every job you use Goop for.

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